• Valco Melton System Dispensing Glue onto Corrugated Board

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    Creating quality assurance & electronic monitoring systems, as well as strong, durable bonds through cold glue and hot melt adhesive technologies has been central to Valco Melton's prominence in the packaging, paper converting, graphic arts and nonwoven industries.

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    Adhesive Dispensing Equipment & Systems | Vision Inspection | Electronic Monitoring

Dispensing Equipment since 1952.

Valco Melton is one of the world’s leaders in adhesive dispensing machinery, vision inspection and electronic monitoring systems for quality assurance. From box manufacturing to making baby diapers or even assembling toys, we are specialized in the design and manufacture of quality assurance and dispensing systems that apply, monitor and verify liquids or adhesives to seal, box, package, carton, stick, bind, tape and even add perfumes or lotions within a wide variety of packaging machinery, paper converting, non woven, graphic arts, woodworking, and specialized product assembly categories.

  • Dispense adhesives, lubricants, food ingredients, paints or inks, waxes, solvents and more
  • Control adhesive dispensing applications with simple touchpad or sophisticated touchscreen pattern controllers
  • Verify adhesive pattern placement, color registration, UPC code reading, braille, fold, register, bundle, and window for quality assurance issues

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New direct operations in Siechnice, Poland will support growing demand in the region for a broader range of adhesive dispensing equipment and quality assurance technology.

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